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About Me

Bespoke travel planner Kit Richards hiking at Oribi Gorge in South Africa.

Our Background

I'm a former languages teacher from England who now travels and writes professionally. I have been to 67 different countries and have lived in Australia, France and Spain. You can read about my travels in the blog section of this website. If you like the way I travel, ask me to plan a trip for you. 

I love planning trips and my focus is on packing as much into a holiday as the customer wants to see and do. Whatever your destination, whatever your travel style, I'll put together the holiday of your dreams.


What I Will Do For You

I will find out from you:

  • what it is you want to do and see
  • what your accommodation preferences are
  • what your budget is
  • what your likes and dislikes are
  • how you prefer to travel

I will save you the time and bother of planning the itinerary.

I will put together a document with suggestions to cover your whole trip and maps pin-pointing all the locations.

And if there’s any of the planning that you would rather do yourself, that’s absolutely fine too – it’s a bespoke service so you choose how involved you would like to be.


What Does It Cost?

As this is a bespoke service, the cost will depend upon how long your trip is, how much you want me to plan for you and the number of places your trip will cover.

Hit the button below or call me (in the UK) on 07504 991893 to begin your amazing holiday journey now.

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My Writing

Additional Information

This is an example of my travel blogging. To read more of my writing from around the world click on the 18Days Page link from the menu at the top of this page or click here. You will be able to choose the country or theme that interests you from the list of categories on the right hand side.

In for a penny, into Wilpena Pound


Roughly 50 kilometres from Broken Hill I crossed the border into South Australia, thus completing the full set of all 8 Australian States and Territories. It was also the first time I had crossed by land from one State to another. The border town, Cockburn, was tiny and had nothing of note. The vegetation in South Australia seemed sparser than it had been in New South Wales. I saw more emus, cattle, sheep and goats along the Highway than I did humans.

So for most of my drive it was just me, the car and the road with very few vehicles to overtake and very few going the other way. I turned off the Barrier Highway at Peterborough and headed up state on B roads through small towns and villages. I contemplated stopping for the night at Hawker but, with the Flinders Ranges already in view and Wilpena Pound only 54 kilometres away, I carried on and arrived at the resort as the last of the light faded.

The last thirty or so kilometres were probably the slowest of the day as I had to slow right down for fear of striking one of the many hundreds of kangaroos foraging at the side of the road. They are renowned for hopping out in front of headlights and freezing, transfixed. Luckily, none of them tried that trick with me and I arrived at the resort and was lucky that there was a room available for me. A wash and then bed were the only things on my mind.

I made an early start and signed up at the Wilpena Visitor Centre for the 19.8 kilometre walk into and across the Pound to Bridle Gap and back. It’s a really good system. They insist upon walkers signing up and indicating where they intend to go – just in case they don’t come back. Given that I was hiking on my own, it was comforting to know that the alarm would be raised if I didn’t show up and sign back in later in the day.

There was nobody else on the path as I made my way into Wilpena Pound through glades of gum trees, the early morning light filtering through the branches. Every so often a kangaroo or a wallaby would hop across the path, unafraid of me. There were some pools either side of the path which were attracting the roos for their early morning drink.

After a quick pause at Hill’s Homestead where I read about the farmers who tried to settle in the Pound but who gave up in 1914, I pressed on. The scenery changed to pine forest with the occasional meadow where scores of kangaroos and wallabies were grazing. Eventually the path, having crossed the Pound, began to rise over small boulders amidst gum saplings towards the Bridle Gap. From there I had a wonderful view out to the Elders Range and the great salt lake of Lake Torrens in the background.

Wilpena Pound looks like a big volcanic crater though I am assured that this is not the case. It is at least a very unusual rock formation in that its perimeter almost completely encloses the land within. It was wonderful to have it to myself – I didn’t see another person all the time I walked across it. 

The only other humans I encountered were a couple of hikers who happened to have reached the Bridle Gap lookout at the same time as me. It was almost a surprise to hear voices talking. The rest of the time I glorified in the peace and quiet with only the sounds of insects and birds to break the silence. It really brought home to me how infrequently one gets the chance to give the ears a rest from the tumult of everyday life.

Once I had arrived back at Wilpena Pound Resort and had some lunch I climbed back into the car and made my way South towards the oddly named Quorn and then Port Augusta. From there I took the Highway alongside the Spencer Gulf and then headed inland through Yacka and into the Clare Valley. This marked the start of a series of winelands and I pressed on to another for my next overnight stop, Tanunda in the Barossa Valley.

Setting off on a 21km hike across Wilpena Pound and back.

Setting off on a 21km hike across Wilpena Pound and back.

Meet Me


Bespoke Travel Planner

I'm Kit Richards. 

I've studied and taught languages which gave me the passion for discovering other cultures and places. 

My own travels have taken in every inhabited continent at least twice. As a student I lived in both France and Spain. Though I now live back in my native England, I have also lived and taught in Australia for 8 years which gave me lots of holidays in which to travel.


My Specialities

I know Australia very well and during my 8 years there I had eight holidays in New Zealand so I am well positioned to plan fantastic trips in either. 

I know Hong Kong really well, I have family in South Africa and have been several times and both France and Spain are like second homes to me. 

I have also put together some incredible itineraries for people travelling in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Why I Travel

My travel has been motivated by all sorts of factors including:

  • watching sports (especially cricket and rugby)
  • enjoying live performances such as musical theatre, opera, rock and pop concerts
  • spotting wildlife 
  • visiting locations where books were set or movies or television series were filmed
  • wanting to experience a country's food and drink

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